Thursday, September 6, 2018

Let the Best Man Win

I'm in Idaho with my brother John. We're going to fish the Henry's Fork for ten days. We got here yesterday afternoon. By the time we were all settled in there was still time to get on the water.

This was my first fish this trip. Not so big but it's the first trout I've caught since moving to Indiana.

There were lots of  fish this size eager to chase a fly.

We fished until the sun went down in a blaze of glory.

This morning we went to one of our favorite spots on the river. There were multiple hatches going on throughout the day--pmd's, tricos, callibaetis, and cinnamon ants--and enough fish working to keep us busy and happy.

This was my best fish of the day, a fifteen incher.

But my brother landed an eighteen incher. Let the best man win.


  1. Nothing like a little competition to keep things interesting.

  2. Glad you made a connection---beautiful sunset as well as great images of the trout--thanks for sharing

  3. Jim, nice little photo essay. Looks like pure fun & adventure.