Saturday, March 30, 2019

The First Real T-Shirt Day of Spring

A couple of weeks ago, on the first real T-shirt day of Spring (the break in the weather was short-lived; it would chill down again for another two weeks) Sebastian and I packed a lunch and bought some worms and headed for Yellowwood Lake for the first fishing trip of the year. He had his new full-sized rod that he got for Christmas, and his catfish blood bait, also a Christmas present. He has decided that catfish will be his target species this year. We got there, we got rigged up (the rod came with an assortment of hooks and swivels and jigs and bobbers that Sebastian enjoyed putting into a little tackle box), and we got bait in the water. The bobber dipped and dragged twice but we didn't hook anything. We did enjoy our lunch and messing about in the woods and going without coats. The lake was high and muddy, not the best conditions, although we were hopeful some hungry catfish would follow their noses to the blood bait. But we broke the ice, had a successful shakedown outing, and are ready for the next opportunity. After a long winter I find I have the hope and the optimism of a six-year-old thanks to my fishing partner Sebastian.

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