Monday, April 23, 2018

Keep On Trying

Sebastian and I take another chance to go fishing. This time we go to Yellowwood. We're optimistic: we have beemoths this time! We hike up the dam and come up on a beautiful view--and a stiff chilly breeze blowing right in our faces.

That's disappointing. Every time I've been there this spring the wind was out of the south, but now it's out of the north. It keeps blowing the bobber back into the weeds. We stick with it for awhile then give up and head for the trail.

Sebastian is off like a shot.

I lag behind looking for wildflowers.

We hike back out and decide to go down to the spillway. It's one of his favorite places.

The sound of rushing water goes well with the early spring day.

Many rocks are thrown. Sebastian has recently learned about skipping rocks. I limber up and get a nice flat piece of shale to skip five times. I think he's impressed.

Many dandelion boats are launched, some for the pleasure of seeing them sail away and some to be used as targets.

Before we know it, it's way past time to go get some lunch.

After lunch we have one more thing on our agenda: hit the park.

He keeps me busy for awhile, then makes friends with another kid and runs around with him until it's time to go.

I'm trying to steer him to the truck when he looks over at a climbing tower and says "I want to try again to get to the top." He had tried earlier and given up. Too "slippery."

Now he grabs on and goes. No stopping and thinking about it too long this time. Before you know it he's way up there.

He's been having fun all along but this really makes his day.

Nice going, kid!

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

The Pleasures of the Trail

Time to get the kid out. We used nightcrawlers that, believe it or not, survived all winter in the fridge. Maybe that's why the fish turned up their noses at them.

But when the fish don't bite you throw some rocks and then head for the pleasures of the trail through the spring woods. You might think you've stayed in pretty good shape over the winter until you try to keep with a five-year-old.

The Communion of Like Minds (Hypno Squirrel)

"What Have I Learned" by Gary Snyder

File:Calochortus luteus - Flickr 009.jpg
Calochortus, mariposa lily

What have I learned but
the proper use for several tools?

The moments
between hard pleasant tasks

To sit silent, drink wine,
and think my own kind
of dry crusty thoughts.

—the first Calochortus flowers
and in all the land,
it’s spring.
I point them out:
the yellow petals, the golden hairs,
to Gen.

Seeing in silence:
never the same twice,
but when you get it right,

you pass it on.

"What Have I Learned" by Gary Snyder from No Nature. © Pantheon Books, 1992.

Sunday, April 15, 2018

No Dice

The temp breaks 75 degrees. Good day to be on the water.

Still thinking about a big bass. My spring lunker was hanging out right down there among last year's reeds.

Everyone is enjoying the fine weather. Lots of hikers on the trails and a few other fishermen.

Oh, and the frisky breeze is there, too.

The only ones not around are the fish.

I can just manage to catch a log.

It calms. I wait at the head of the dam for dusk to come.

Then I work it thoroughly with a plastic worm.

No dice. I watch the bats tracing loops and right angles in the sky.

I finally accept the fact that I'm skunked again and kick in.