Saturday, July 21, 2018

This Summer Has Been a Blur

I'm going to take a break from the blog for awhile.There might be a few of you who actually check in here once in awhile and you might think I've already been on a break. You would be right, as this summer has been a blur of family activities. Our sixth grandchild was born in June and my mother's funeral was this month. To top it all off I've developed cataracts in both eyes, the fast-acting kind that come on in a month or two. By now everything is a blur. I am working on this post with the aid of a magnifying glass and it is a pain in the ass. I will have surgery beginning on the 30th and will be enjoying 20/20 vision soon after that,

I have been able to fish, but the driving is getting more difficult, and as for tying on flies, forget about it. I finally tied on a swivel clip at home under a magnifying lense and was able to change flies more easily with that setup.

Here are photos from four trips to Yellowwood I made last week. See you in awhile, pun intended.





Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Thanks Again, Yellowwood

During the heat wave a couple of weeks ago Sebastian and I went to Yellowwood. We ended up at the boat ramp after I racked my brain trying to figure out where he could catch fish. It was so simple but it took me this long to think of it.

Sebastian saw fish in the water right away and went to work. A well-appointed bass boat came into the inlet and tied up below the campground. It was an illustration of The Stages of Fishing from simplest to most complex.

I don't know how those boys in the boat did but Sebastian saw a long shape glide over the concrete ramp four feet offshore, dropped his bait close to it, and had the excitement of seeing that bass turn and eat it. His best bass so far.

He hooked another bass but it came off. Then the bass disappeared so he caught a few bluegill.

Then he was ready to hike. The trail was a new one for us. It took us through a fringe of trees and out along the spillway.

At the foot of the spillway we crossed on the the rocks and ate our sandwiches on the flat rock.

We crossed back to the trail and kept going. It took us along the stream that issues from the spillway. There was much to explore and we determined to come back and hike farther next time.

We headed for the truck, We were hot and tired but what a super afternoon it had been. Thanks again, Yellowwood!