Friday, May 19, 2017

Life Is Good

We've broken the 80 degrees barrier, and one of those hot days was my daughter Lidia's day off. So she joined her son and me at Griffey Lake for a little fishing.

I used to take her fishing when she was younger, and now I'm taking Sebastian, so it was special to be fishing with both of them.

Lidia is an accomplished angler, and quickly began outfishing us.

Sebastian was impressed--and, being just as competitive as his Mom, maybe a little peeved.

We moved over to let a young man launch his bass boat. Each time I've been there people are launching bass boats. So this time I spoke up.
     "Based on the number of bass boats I've seen there must be some decent fish in here."
     "Oh, yeah!" he answered.
     "Bass?" I asked dubiously.
     "Yes, good bass," he said, smiling that sympathetic smile we reserve for clueless people.

He explained that the lake had been drained and restocked four years ago, and that those bass were now coming into their own.
     "So.." still wary of being taken in, "...what do you mean by 'coming into their own'?"
     "My personal best--so far--is six pounds."

Hmmm. Had I heard right? I think I had. That's a nice bass for Indiana.

We had come in separate vehicles so I could drive on to Yellowwood after catching bluegill at Griffey. I changed my plans. Lidia and Sebastian went hiking--he still likes to get his hiking in--and I launched the tube right where I was. Time to get serious about this lake.

I kicked out and went under the bridge to the other side of the causeway and the main lake. I passed that young man busy working the weeds. I made a note of that.

There are lots of weeds along the causeway, and everywhere in and among them bluegill were active. You could get a nice mess pretty quickly, I think.

I also confirmed that there are crappie in there.

I kicked away from the causeway and headed for the west bank. Others were fishing there, so I chose a space between two boats.

It was beautiful there. There were swirls of midges under the overhanging trees, and bluegill were actively feeding. I was thinking bass, though. I began to work the shoreline with streamers.

There was plenty of structure to keep me busy.

And I found a couple bass, too. But my weights and measures were confused: I was looking for a six pound bass and found six inch bass instead.

But they were bass, and where there are small bass there must be big bass. I kept on fishing with that special edge you get when you know lightning could strike with the very next cast.

I turned around and noticed that the almost-full moon was rising. The rented boats had all made their way to the boathouse. The noise and car traffic on the causeway had abated. It was a beautiful and peaceful evening. I had enjoyed very much getting better acquainted with this little gem of a lake just five minutes from home.

By the time I had kicked back to the boat ramp it was dark except for the moonlight and the glow of the city on the clouds.

I was the last one to load up and leave. The parking lot was deserted for a change. I was happy. I had covered a lot of shoreline, but there is still so much more of this lake to explore and a long summer ahead in which to do it.

Life is good.

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  1. Just think, you have already received a pay back from your daughter and grandson for going fishing with them and sharing your love for them. A new lake to explore, not far from home, and quality fishing. That is a good story!